the nitty gritty.

What's up detail lover, I see you out here. 

I try to keep The Book Ship Project explanation short and sweet because apparently that's sexier to some people. You know what I think is sexy? Details. So I'm going to lay it all out for you.

When you request a book from us, you're either going to get a confirmation e-mail (if the title is available) or an e-mail informing you of your position on the wait-list. If you get wait-listed for a book you'll be redirected to the library to pick a book to read in the meantime. When the book you have on hold becomes available, we'll let you know, and you'll get it when you're finished with whichever book you have currently. The rental period for each book is 21 days.

Postage works like this:

As part of the package you receive with your book, you'll be receiving a page of pre-paid postage stickers. When you're done reading, you'll slap a new postage sticker over the old one, re-address the package, and send the book and postage packet along to the next reader. You'll receive a shipping address in your confirmation e-mail. The person who gets the package when only one postage stamp remains will use that stamp to send the book back to The Book Ship Project main library when they are done!

As far as packaging goes, we encourage you to re-use the packaging the book comes in. Tape a nice white piece of paper over the old address and write down the new one. The return address label should always bear the address of The Book Ship Project main library in Portland, OR.

Because there is only one copy of each book, wait times are going to vary. But I will be in touch every step of the way letting you know what to expect and when. We'll figure this thing out together.

And on that note, I have a couple more things to say about community guidelines and expectations:

!.) We are all here because we love reading and want to share that love with other people. Please be respectful at all times. Talk to each other with respect. No bullying or aggressive behavior of any kind will be tolerated within this community. I can, and will, kick you out. Don't mess with my friends.

2.) Please treat these books like they're your own. I love my books. I'm trusting you to love them too. Normal wear and tear happens. Leaving a book outside during a downpour should never happen. I get that life is unpredictable. If something happens, the best thing to do is to just let me know. 

3.) Don't forget to send the books along in a timely fashion. I'm working hard to make the shipping aspect as easy as possible on everyone. And I completely understand that everyone is extremely busy, so just do your best.