How it Works

Step One: Sign Up!

Register for The Book Ship Project by providing your name and address to gain access to our library.

Step Two: Choose Your Own Adventure

Browse the catalog, and make a selection! When you choose a book you'll receive and e-mail confirming your choice and letting you know when to expect your book in the mail. You'll receive another e-mail when it ships! 

You will then have a 21-day checkout period to read the book.

Step Three: Write Here, Write Now

Make sure you've written your name and location on the log card in the envelope. Then pull out a blank card from behind it and write a little something to the next reader. You can use the space on your card however you see fit, but if you're going to talk about the book make sure you don't spoil it! Other ideas include writing a note in iambic pentameter, crayon drawings, morse code, anything goes (as long as it's appropriate. Don't be a bully) Make it yours!

Step Four: Mail That Sucker

You'll get shipping instructions in your confirmation e-mail, so when the book has been read and the note has been written, pack that baby back into the envelope provided and send it on it's merry way.

Step Five: Repeat

Pick your next book, repeat ad infinitum. 


For the more detail oriented Book Shippers, we also have a more intricate set of step-by-step directions and best practices: