Welcome to The Book Ship Project! We're an online library and community of readers connected by sharing physical copies of books. Basically, we're like awesome pen-pals and a book club all rolled into one neat package that you get in the mail that contains a beautiful book! 

Here's how we operate: Each Book Ship Book comes with an envelope and check-out card in the front cover cataloging each person to read the book before you, and their geographic location. When you check out a book from The Book Ship Project library, you'll also get a letter from the last person that read it! And when you're done, you'll write a letter to the next reader! 

Our goal: To promote community and literacy by sharing our love of reading, and our books, with the world. 

We're better together: We facilitate an online community where people can geek out together about what they're reading, what they want to read, and about life in general. Because life is better with friends, and book lovers make the best friends! 

So what are you waiting for? The library is open! Sign up now, browse the catalog, and let's get this party started.