A Very Harry Christmas Readathon Challenge: Guidelines for Fun and Prizes

A Very Harry Christmas.jpg

Hey Harry readers! If you’ve made it this far, you probably already understand the idea behind this Harry Potter readathon: We’re going to read all seven books between now and Christmas! Because the best Christmas present is a sense of accomplishment!

Here’s how I’m fixing to set up participation and prize-winning!


To participate, post a Harry Potter themed photo of your choice, let me know which book you’re most looking forward to reading again (or for the first time), and which Hogwarts House you belong to! Tag your photo with #averyharrychristmas so I can find you, and so other participants can find, and befriend, you as well! This is all just for fun so we can get to know each other. A readathon icebreaker, if you will.


There’s going to be a prize drawing for the completion of each of the seven books!  Obviously, each prize will be Harry Potter themed, but like any good present, they’re going to be a surprise! I can, however, tell you, unequivocally, that they will be awesome. I picked them out.

To enter to win these prize drawings, make sure you’re following The Book Ship Project and That’s Normal, take a picture with the book you’ve finished, use the hashtag in the caption (option to tag me as well so I can find it easily!) and you’re in!

We’ll obviously be reading the books in order, so we’ll be doing the prize drawings in order as well! You’re welcome to enter any and all of them if you finish all the books, which brings me to…


If you finish all seven books by Christmas, YOU’RE A FREAKING WINNER.

There’s no entry for this part. If you participate throughout the reading process and cross the finish line with me on Christmas day (or I guess before if you’re nuts), I’m mailing you the “I finished all seven Harry Potter books in 40 days” PRIZE PACK which includes both Harry Potter and Book Ship Project swag for days. It includes a medal, I kid you not.

Because this is a serious accomplishment.

Similar to tagging your pictures to let me know you’re done with each individual book, to be sure you’ve completed the readathon I’m basically just looking for participation and conversation! Which brings us, lastly, to…


For the entire 40 days, I’ll be checking out the hashtag, featuring your HP-themed photos in progress blog posts and on The Book Ship Project account!

For those of you on Twitter, I’m also planning on Tweeting my thoughts EXTENSIVELY. I’ve never read Harry Potter at the same time as other people and I cannot wait for the incredible, nerdy conversations I know we’re going to have. So tweet using the hashtag throughout your reading so we can chat, and so I can show the world how hilarious you are.

So just to recap, WAYS TO PARTICIPATE:

1.    Post a picture to your account, tell me what your favorite book is, and which house you belong to! Also, tell your friends so they can read along!

2.    Throughout your reading, Tweet and Instagram your thoughts using #averyharrychristmas!

3.    When you complete a book, post a completion picture and tag me in it so I can enter you in the drawings!

4.    When you’re done with the whole lot of them, take a FINISH LINE picture, tag me, and let the world know how incredible you are and how much you’ve read!

Can’t wait to kick this off tomorrow morning with you all!