A Very Harry Wrap-Up: I'll Take the Lot!

bsp very harry wrap final.jpg


It's been a couple days since Christmas and I'm still reflecting on the accomplishment of finishing all 7 books in 40 days! Plus if I'm being honest, I'm having some withdrawals from the wizarding world. But I am so thankful for this experience!

To everyone who read along, it was so nice getting to know you through Harry Potter! You guys pulled me through during my Order of the Phoenix drought when I didn't think I'd make it. And I loved talking about finite plot details, gushing about characters we loved, and bashing those we hated! There's something incredibly special about being able to share the reading experience and I can't wait to do it again. Lord of the Rings in February anyone? But more about that later...I've got a readathon to wrap up here!

For the first four books, I was really good at keeping a notebook with me and writing thoughts down. Unfortunately, that pattern did not hold for the last three. The reading pace I had to set to finish on time pretty much prevented me from doing anything else. BUT I FINISHED! And so did so many of you! If you finished, please do me a favor and comment on this post or send me an Instagram message to make sure I have you counted and can get you your prize package! And speaking of prizes...

Here's a rundown of the prize winner from each book:

Sorcerer's Stone: Lauren (@bookingitthroughlife23)

Chamber of Secrets: Becky (@crazy_cat_lady_6393)

Prisoner of Azkaban: Kelsey (@kelseytana)

Goblet of Fire: Amber (@wanderlust.pages)

Order of the Phoenix: Erynn (@erynnlovesbooks)

Half-Blood Prince: Kelsey (@critic_uncritical_bookworm)

Deathly Hallows: BreAnna (@auntbreesqreads)

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! And make sure you DM me your address so I can send you your prizes, which I'll be doing as soon as they're done!

Now for some more of your beautiful photos:

Top to bottom, left to right we've got photos by @auntbreesqreads, @bookingitthroughlife23, @beautifullybookishbethany, @critic_uncritical_bookworm again, @paradiselostinbooks, and @wanderlust.pages!

Again, thank you all for participating and I hope you're as interested as I am in doing more readathons! If you have any ideas about how to improve this model do not hesitate to let me know in a message or in the comments! And I look forward to reading with you all again soon!